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Offer 130 - Sale panoramic area in the center of Plovdiv

Sale panoramic area in the center of Plovdiv. For sale plot with permission to build in Plovdiv Bunardzhika panoramic sale of land in Plovdiv Bunardzhika 200 sq ft on the main street, a current water permit approval stroitelstvo.RZP 500 sq possible to build three garages, plus three residential floors. Land owner sells, along with an approved building permit. GSM 0898601060,0887614244 Price 135000 euros Features * current * water * * credit * for sale For rent zhil.stroitelstva * road
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Tel: 08986010600 Name: Popova Date: 26.10.2009 Write email

Name: Lirio Email: turkovics72@freemail.hu Tel: ktATZdZzPmgG Date: 13.10.2012
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