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Offer 137 - Selling old, single-storey, stone-brick house

Owners selling old, single-storey, stone-brick house in s.Pchelarovo (at 65km. From Varna, 15km. From Dobrich and 40 km. From Balchik and the sea). Built-up area 60м2 - corridor + two rooms. Big yard 5205 m2 is situated on the two asphalt streets. Sale For rent, current, water, telephone. Remodeled documents. Land suitable for photovoltaic plant, measurement 312 for VEI.
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Tel: 0888614641 Name: Valko Date: 08.01.2010 Write email

Offer 137 - Къща село Пчеларово (Добрич) с двор 5205м2